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BLG and Fenix confirmed joint long term strategy for cooperation at Port Bronka

After half a year of successful cooperation in handling of new cars BLG Logistics Group and LLC Fenix agreed on long term plans for joint future development of the business at Port Bronka in the Big Port of St. Petersburg. For the definition of the future strategy Elena Glukhova, representing the shareholders of Port Bronka, and Frank Dreeke, CEO of BLG Logistics Group, recently signed a Letter of Intent on joint projects and activities at Port Bronka.
After the establishment of the port infrastructure and implemented operations of new car logistics in December 2016, approximately 18000 units have been handled at the port, which is considered as successful starting point for further development. The operational results of productivity already show the high quality of services, which are provided by the partners.
Further plans are targeting a wider range of services for the clients in addition to the capacity increase in accordance to the market demand, which will be developed at the 12ha new car area within the total operating area of 120ha at Port Bronka. In May 2017, the storage area for new cars was already increased by additional 2500 parking lots to a total of 6000.
Both parties are convinced that the joint offer will not only be attractive for cargo and clients, which are already active in the port of St. Petersburg. It will also attract clients from other ports in the wider region and cargo, which is currently routed via land.
Source: Port of Hamburg