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HSD Albania : historic agreement for sustainable mobility

On October 30th and 31st 2017, at the TECALCO SRL productions plant, an innovative company operating in the area of ​​Alluminum Technology, specialized in the production of flexible cables for electrical conduction both for energy distribution and for use in the automotive industry, located in the industrial area adjacent the port of Gioia Tauro (Italy), a meeting was held between Germano VENTURA, managing director of HSD ALBANIA SH.A (BLG Group) of Tirana (Albania) , General Manager Luca BERNARDI of ITALCAR SRL (Technical Partner) in Turin (Italy), and General Manager Jeffrey CHEN of FDG Electric Vehicles Limited, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, with the purpose of defining the executive guidelines regarding the project of sustainable mobility in the Balkans.

The meeting established the creation of a proactive partnership between the parties, respecting the role and competences of each one involved in the team and laid the foundations for the development of new applications that can be integrated in the primary project of the electric mobility of the country.

The next steps will be the meeting of all actors in Tirana on November 18th and the shipment from the production plant of a demo Electric Bus , which will be used for local testing.